Thomson Impressions is the ultimate choice for home maker

Are you looking for a good place to stay comfortably? Then you have come to the right place. Thomson Impressions Condominium is the best place you should consider to relocate to. The Condominium is the newest around just about to launch so I suggest that you book space earlier enough.

Located at Lorong Puntong Singapore, at a short walk away from the upcoming Bright Hill MRT Station, the Condominium therefore proves to be very convenient travelling to and fro especially to the CBD area. It is very accessible by train or bus as the locations of it is absolutely fantastic and there is good infrastructure to ensure that your travelling is safe. There is also good ample parking space in case you are wondering about it.

It has been built with advanced technology by the Thomson Impressions Nanshan Group, a Chinese company which is a big name as far as Real Estate building is concerned for several years now. The 99 year old tenure of 2 Tower, 19 storeys tall, with 288 units isn’t it spectacular? The rooftop, which as good as any other place we’ve mentioned, can be opened depending with what you want do there but you can always walk to the top for a greater view. The entire setting is just what we can call the dream land you have been dreaming to live in.

We can’t rank the specific designs done by the Nanshan Group but the flooring is just a blow. Nothing supersedes the flooring architecture that redefines the ideal real estate. The bedroom consists of 1,2,3,4 units sizeable enough for your entire family stay. You get to enjoy a spectacular view of nature from your bedroom, either towards the Sin Ming Avenue facing or the Inglewood facing. The green nature surrounding the place gives a very awesome feeling of what nature entails. If you are the kind that takes out your family regularly for a nature walk and then lie down on fine grass breathing in a blissful air, then this is just there around you. We have ensured that the green nature is well taken care of by our experienced workers.

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